Wednesday, June 17, 2009

(Totally) Random Thoughts

Today is hump day. The weekend still seems like it's miles away.

And yet, I have a deadline due on Saturday…so I don’t want it to come too fast. I’m not ready.

The guy next door has been using his weed-whacker for like, two hours now. Should I be concerned? How long should this whole process take?

Taylor (17) had his senior portrait taken for the yearbook today. Note to self: It pays to schmooze with the photographer. She said she wishes everyone was like us. We’re so golden.

The dog is gassy. What the hell am I feeding him?

All this wet weather has brought an invasion of ants. Ant traps everywhere! Found one crawling on my arm…(an ant…not a trap) now I’m totally itchy. Keep calling Connor to check my back/neck for invaders.

Speaking of Connor (12), he’s up to part 3 of the math finals for 6th grade…the kid is freaking. Just let it be over, already.

Ciao Bella makes the best key lime gelato. YUM. Thank you, Jackie.

Almost ran over my American Express bill in the driveway. I’m guessing Connor had too much to carry, with bringing up the garbage cans and all. Thank God it wasn’t raining….and thank God for boys who bring up the garbage cans.

Had a temporary coronary when I thought this weekend was Margarete’s son’s graduation party. Turns out, it’s not…which is good, ‘cause I’m booked both days.

Still hear the weed whacker next door….it’s almost dark. Have visions of unconscious body mutilated by out-of-control weed-whacker. Made mental note to check if sound still droning in about 30 minutes.

What is the lifespan of an ant? Will we all die if I spray that Raid Ant Spray in the kitchen? Print on the can is too small to read.

Can’t remember the last time I logged into Facebook. Hoping friends will understand. Twitter’s like the favored child. Love my Tweetdeck.

Wondering what’s on teevee. Wondering why I’m so itchy. Thinking I need to hit the showers.

Weed-whacker-sound has ceased. I guess I can cancel that call to 9-1-1.

Signing off-

susan F said...

LOL at your comment about the neighbor being weed whacked.
Btw, why do you like Twitter better than Facebook?

kathryn said...

Twitter has TweetDeck. It's a real-time updater that stays open on my desktop and I don't have to wait for my laptop (w/it's 17 running, active windows) to refresh to see what somone's written back. Also, I can talk to people who haven't formally invited me to give blood, attend their wedding, or otherwise be their lifelong friend. It's something about that "So-and-so only shares info w/CERTAIN ppl"'s a bit put-offing for me.Does that make sense?

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