Monday, May 25, 2009


Happy Monday, Wednesday? Tuesday, all.

Don’t you just love three-day weekends? Don’t you especially love three-day weekends when socializing is practically a given?? You wind up entering this blessed span of time with plans already loosely hammered out…your taste buds already hankering for that lip-smacking sip of that perfect margarita…your senses yearning for the taste & smell of the inevitable first barbeque of the summer season.

Today was an extraordinary day in the northeast. Under a cloudless blue sky…with temps in the mid-70’s and little-to-no humidity, we couldn’t have planned a more perfect Memorial Day. Saturday and Sunday featured scattered thunderstorms, with one each day battering the Hudson Valley. They left in their wake downed power lines and quite a bit of debris to dodge as we navigated the streets and highways. Today’s perfect weather was the best day of the three…and allowed parades and many a barbeque to commence with nary a concern to a backup weather plan.

So, we drank…we ate…we laughed at the innate. And in a blink, the weekend was over. But the feeling…that unmistakable happiness you see on the kid’s faces as they talk about the upcoming summer vacation…the twinkle in someone’s eye as they announce that their office officially goes into “summer hours” starting this week…even the almost imperceptible smoothing of those worry lines on a friend’s face as I watch them sit back and breathe in the sights, smells and sounds of the first unofficial day of summer is enough to remind me that the days ahead are meant to be celebrated and appreciated.

Here’s to the first of many fabulous weekends to come. So, slide open those sunroofs…crank up those stereos and break out the coconut tanning oil…summer’s (unofficially) here!

Susan F said...

Fantastic, isn't it?

jh said...

Yay!! Well said, I mean written!

kathryn said...

Thank you, oh gracious ones. I trust your holidays were of the fabulous variety as well?? Do tell.

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