Sunday, May 17, 2009

Say It Ain't So

…and the rain rain rain
came down down down
So Piglet started bailing
He was unaware, atop his chair
While bailing he was sailing!

It’s the middle of March May. Things are growing.

Yes, this is a beautiful shot. Of the grass. With the raindrops clinging to them. In a rare moment of sun. Before the sun set…a scant fifteen minutes later.

There’s a frost warning in effect for tonight. (As I wrote this I was so shaken, I spilled some of my martini. That’s how upsetting this is.)

A frost warning.

This means that anyone who planted annuals on Mother’s Day may find frost on them tomorrow morning. I doubt it’ll mean any permanent damage…but still.

What’s next? A freak-May-snowstorm?

Once again, my procrastination is rewarded…for I’ve yet to pack away my winter wardrobe.

I wonder where I’ve left my mittens?

Susan F said...

I know! I wish there was a way to file a complaint, or something!

kathryn said...

Well, here in blugville we kinda have our own complaint dept. Right?

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