Sunday, March 22, 2009

And They Rejoiced

The boys are coming off a 3-day weekend here. It’s a mysterious square surrounding March 20th on the Official School District Calendar…the index vaguely claims it as “Teachers attend but school not in session” day. For all we know they drink margaritas, dance on the desks and hold a contest to see who has the most out-of-control class.

Here in the Hudson Valley, we are limping our way towards spring. Saturday, Connor spotted the first robin…and we rejoiced. Over the last two days, we’ve spotted robins everywhere…it’s evident to us that they all came home on the same flight. The temps are hovering near 50 degrees and I’ve got clumps of unknown spring foliage peeking through the pale, winter-deadened grass.

I say, “Bring it on.”

This time of year is always a relief to me. We’ve disdainfully survived yet another crappy winter and are on the cusp of three (count ‘em) three seasons with NO SNOW WHATSOEVER.

God willing….we can only hope….fingers crossed…heaven help us.

Next should come that much-anticipated (except by the utility companies) time when you need neither heat, nor cooling…and you can simply just BE.

I think we can all use a little bit of that.

susan F said...

It's been a pretty nice week, weather-wise, but my husband just told me that snow is in the forecast for next week! I hope he's just being mean, and making it up...

kathryn said...

Okay...that is seriously MEAN, even if it's true, which it'd better not be. We've truly suffered enough.

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