Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yet ANOTHER gorgeous day in the northeast….I could definitely get used to this…the sun’s a-shining, the birds are a-tweeting and the ice/snow is a-melting. It’s heaven for the senses, I tell ya.

Today, I got to thinking about nemesis teevee ads. (Yes, you’ve read this correctly..and yes, I’m operating on approximately 3 hours of sleep over the last 3 days…so bear with me.)

It seems there’s always the number-one guy…and then there’s the number-two guy, breathing down the first-guy’s back:

There’s Puffs versus Kleenex:

(I prefer the Puffs)

Then, there’s Geico versus Allstate:

(I think I have to go with Allstate…that gecko is annoying.)

There’s Tylenol versus Advil:

(Advil. Definitely.)

And the age-old Coke versus Pepsi:


Dunkin Donuts versus Starbucks?

(Maybe the Starbucks, but just by a smidgen.)

Guildens versus French’s:


AT&T versus Verizon Wireless:

(Verizon…the home team, bay-bee!)

Jenny Craig versus Nutrisystem:

(I’ve no idea….anyone?)

Quiznos versus Subway:

(Again…no clue. HELP.)

And finally, the mother of them all…the arch-rivals to end them all...
Burger King versus McDonald’s:

(I’m staying out of this one. ((McDonald’s)))

Did I miss any? What about you? C'mon! Draw a line in the sand!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the one that matters most is that Coke should reign over Pepsi. That's a given.

kathryn said...

Or, is it?

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