Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Kinder, Gentler Ad

It’s interesting to note in this economy how advertisers are tweaking their spots to be more… understanding of these tough times.

Some just go for the shock value, for that…combined with their (I can only assume) limited budget gives them next to no wiggle room. The guy who created this ad did not realize that you have to release the “bloat” button on Photoshop:

I’m guessing the cosmetic surgery industry is feeling the effects of this economy as well, hence the obvious shock factor...and I'm ashamed to report that I am guilty of underestimating the importance of having poutier lips.

I’m happy to report that some in the travel industry are taking the humorous approach. This ran in the New York Times:

Printed underneath the coupon read:
No 1st or 2nd Checked Bag Fees
No Change Fees
No Fuel Surcharges
No Snack Fees
No Aisle or Window Seat Fees
No Curbside Check-in Fees
No Phone Reservation Fees

I believe that Southwest may be onto something.

There are new ads springing up for ways to sell your unwanted or broken jewelry:

Talk about a fool and his gold….I wonder if anyone’s ever successfully completed this transaction? They make it sound so easy….so safe….so darn convenient!

The car companies seem to be vying for the title of “Who’s the most sympathetic to consumers during these troubling times?” One car company is quick to point out that while some of their competitors no longer offer the lease option, they’re still more than happy to take your green. Another auto maker has offered to allow the consumer to return the car back to the dealer if they lose their income within the next year. Stop it, guys…you’re getting me all teary.

And finally, an operator from my local cable company informed me that people are opting to increase their cable channel options…as a movie’s evidently the closest thing to a vacation many people will see in the foreseeable future. This would explain the increase in cable, internet and satellite dish advertisements of late.

I'll leave you with a rather clever ad from

Now, where’s my remote?

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