Monday, February 23, 2009


A few days ago, I got the brilliant idea that my laptop needed some sprucing up, cleaning out and possibly a mini-overhaul. My computer evidently has some “add-on issues”…not to be confused with intimacy issues, which it’s working on with twice-weekly visits to

I’d found that every time I entered the magical land of the internet, I would lose the ability to scroll down a page, or click on any items within said page. This intermittent “freezing” would occur around every 1-2 minutes and would last for 5-10 seconds.

Being the patient laid-back gal that I am, I put up with this crap for several weeks before calmly proclaiming, “This is impossible. I simply cannot work under these abhorrent conditions. I’d sooner die.

Or, something to this effect.

Several hours (and just as many reboots) later, this is what I’ve gleaned:

  • Whatever problems you may be experiencing are nothing compared to the ones you’ll create when attempting to fix the original one
  • The Microsoft website isn’t really all that helpful, unless you’re looking to upgrade, purchase or supplement in a method that involves whipping out your VISA
  • You need to triple the allotted amount of time set aside to “tweak” your computer’s issues
  • You never appreciate what you have till it’s gone

After 6 hours with no food, I come to realize that it’s grown dark outside and I’ve lost all feeling in my butt. Yes, the lagging-issue is history… but now all my pages are loading with some weird font and I can no longer view any photographs in thumbnail form.

To this I exclaim, “This is impossible. I simply cannot work under these abhorrent conditions. I’d sooner die.

Enter the “restore” feature…a nifty little option hidden deep, deep, d-e-e-p in Microsoft Windows. It seems that every time we (I) install, un-install, or otherwise perform elective surgery on the inner-workings of my computer, windows is savvy enough to create a “restore point”….on the off-chance that I’m a complete idiot and I screw up all my fonts and lose the ability to view photographs in thumbnail form.


In the end, I was able to turn back time…if you will. I basically sent my laptop back to 7:00 that morning, before the concept had even taken shape in my befuddled brain to attempt the impossible.

What this means is that I’m back to internet-mouse-freeze…but I’ve recovered my beloved fonts and thumbnails. I’ve also lost 6 hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

Now, if only there were a “restore” point for LIFE…..

Anonymous said...

I miss my PC!! I was "converted" to a Mac :(

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