Thursday, January 15, 2009

Te Xt

My day began at 4:45am. I awoke to Matchbox 20…at full volume….singing

“I’m not crazy
I’m just a little unwell
I know, right now you can’t tell
But stay awhile and baby then you’ll see
A different side of me…”

And I’m thinking “that’s fitting…”

We awoke early so the boys and their dad could catch their flight to The Sunshine State.
In the stupid, treacherous, slippery snow. Of course, their flight was delayed so that they could de-ice it….’cause no-one wants to fly in an icy plane.

Connor (11) sent me a stream of texts, keeping me abreast of their each and every move. This is the price you pay for buying your child a text-friendly cell for Christmas:

Connor, 6:02am: “On our way. It’s slippery.”

I text back: “kk”

Connor, 6:04am: “We’re coming back. Tay forgot his cell. Dad said sh!t.”

I text back: “crap. k.”

Connor, 7:03am: “At the airport. Did my bus come?” (Da boys are missing two days of school for this trip…a big no-no and something I wholeheartedly dissuade anyone from trying…it’s simply not worth it….trust me.)

I text back: “uh? no-dely 2h ourss now.” (Margarete can decipher this)

Connor, 7:04am: “What?”

I text back: “SNOW”

Connor, 7:05am: “I KNOW it’s snowing. Did my bus come?”

I text back: “no”

Connor, 7:20am: “Just went through secretey. Smile!”

I text back: “surcity smile?”

Connor, 7:21am: “You know. Where you take off your shoes.”

I text back: “ah.”

Connor, 8:02am: “We’re still waiting. I’m going back to sleep. This is boring.”

I text back: “kk”

Connor, 8:45am: “Boreding now. Turning off phone.”

I text back: “bOArd-I love you, bay-bee!” (This last is one of those pre-entered phrases in my phone….. “Quick-text”, I believe it’s called.I am forever grateful to the inventor of this option...I only wish I'd discovered it sooner.)

Connor, 8:46am: “Whatever. Same.”

It’s quiet for several hours, then it begins again. I got the lowdown on the tram from the airport to the hotel at Disney...and every time his dad said a curse word.

It was often.

Tonight, he was sending me pics of dinosaurs made out of legos…and I’m responding with “WOW”…then it was a huge crowd of unidentified people doing unidentified things and I texted back “WOW”.

Connor, 9:31pm: “Can’t you say anything else besides wow?”

I text back: “Check this out! What do you think? Thanks. Let’s meet.”

Connor, 9:35pm: “Okay, mom. GOODNIGHT.”

I respond with “I love you, bay-bee!”

Anonymous said...

Aww, precious!

Anonymous said...

Really sweet. Enjoy it while you can!!

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