Friday, December 5, 2008

Picture It

Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words.

Of course, I have no problem filling a thousand words…but I figure you might prefer the photos below. They are in no particular order and have no unusual significance…other than I found them to be either

  • Amusing
  • Bizarre
  • Adorable…..or
  • All of the above.

Welcome to my world.

Most hysterical shot of Prince Metronome:

As you can plainly see, he adores the fluffy white stuff almost as much as I do. Da doggie-coat was a gag-gift from a friend. Metro was not amused.

My favorite dessert of all time:

Seriously. Key lime pie…..(sigh….Margarete's cyber-sighing with me...) I can almost taste it...

My favorite place to be when I’m not working, “cooking”, cleaning, talking on the phone, blogging, or moonwalking a-la Michael Jackson across my kitchen floor:

In the winter, it makes you all warm and toasty. And it only takes about three hours to fill it. It it wrong to have such strong feelings for a tub?

The artiste in me:

This is a huge magnolia tree in my front yard. It evidently can’t decide whether to drop its leaves and hibernate, or bust out all those blooms on the tips of the branches. I feel its indecision…we’ve all been there. If you look close, you can just make out the drops of dew, the rolling fog and the way-cool-gotta-love-it barn. You’re welcome. (My sister Kerry just gave me a copy of my much-desired PhotoShop (SCORE!), so those phone wires will eventually be history….I’ll just be needing about five hours to reacquaint myself with the program and then I’m golden.)

Remember how our parents said we could amuse ourselves as toddlers with a plain old ordinary box?

Da cousins decide a dolly from the garage might serve as a faux-rollercoaster…minus the speed and the stomach-flipping drops, yet maintaining a smidgen of the death-defying twists and turns. The end result was simply a pile o’ bodies. They must’ve done it half a dozen times before they got tired.

The “What Were They Thinking?” award:

The basement closet of my old house (affectionately remembered as “Da Pit”)…complete with wainscoating and…a….what? Is that an architecturally-inspired cut-out for some priceless statue? In the closet??

And finally…my favorite (yes, I’ve saved the best for last):

I almost crashed the car trying to take this one. That’s not speed “bump”, people….just to be clear. Evidently, there must be a subtle difference between the two….maybe one is longer?....wider?... (Snicker…) Okay…(giggle)…I can’t stand it anymore….I’m outta here.

Have a great weekend, all….and watch out for those unexpected bumps in the road….

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a speed "hump" before. I guess we don't have them in Canada :)

Anonymous said...

Is Metro midst poop? Great photos, love the hands!

kathryn said...

I'm guessing they're a little more dignified in Canada...
No, sweetie...Metro's simply cringing at the snow landing and subsequently ruining his lovely 'do...(he's probably also mortified that I'm photographing him as well).

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