Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There's No Turning Back

Arrangements are being made….flights are being confirmed…cars will be rented…da boys will go this way…the dog will go that way…and Tonia and I will go in the only logical, conceivable, acceptable direction: SOUTH.

SOUTH, people….as in gimme-gimme-gimme some of that Florida sunshine.

I’m already:

  • chomping at the bit
  • calling it a day
  • waiting in the wings
  • an eager beaver
  • ready to pack everything but the kitchen sink
  • flying by the seat of my pants

I’m ready to wet my whistle and explore my champagne taste on a beer budget. I’ll bet you dollars for doughnuts that every dog has its day…(I’m hoping that’s a good thing) and mine is rapidly approaching. Since I’ve felt like I’ve been hung out to dry in recent months, this trip (if you’ll pardon my French) has me feeling full of piss and vinegar.

My feet have not left the ground since the last time I took a header on that black ice that ran across the driveway of my old abode last February. I am way overdue for a trip through the air…with a happy ending. (Insert snicker here.)

We’re hitting a little bit of Lauderdale and a little bit of Naples and a little bit of Fort Pierce.

And why??


Because we WANT to…’s THERE.

I haven’t been to Lauderdale, Naples or Ft Pierce. I have been to Orlando, Daytona, Miami and several of the Keys, I know what to expect.

Temps in the low-80’s…palm trees swaying in da breeze…coconuts and bananas dropping out of the sky…(okay, so maybe not the banana-part)

Every day, when I see Tonia’s number come up on my ever-ringing cell, I wail “ARE WE THERE YET????” I’m sure it’s getting old already, but she’ll just have to deal.

How do you like them apples?

Anonymous said...

That is sooo great, I'm super excited for you! Nice use of idioms!

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