Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Musing, I'm Musing.

Late autumn has returned to the northeast. In all its frigid glory.

Let the whining begin!

It’s too cold!”

“Will you go pick up the mail for me? It’s too cold.”

“I need to collect more wood but it’s too cold.”

“I can’t meet you tonight. It’s too freakin' cold.”

“I’d love to donate that kidney, Dad…but it’s too damn cold.”


I don’t mean to whine (yes, I do.) but the winters here are just toooo loooong. Even though I’m not an outdoors gal, I need to have my options…yes, I do. Every girl needs options.

Right now I’m tired and I’m hungry….and I only finished two-thirds of workout #2 in Debbie’s Dynamic Devilishly Divine disaster-of-a-workout….because the phone would not stop ringing.

It’s pretty funny to realize how the different people in your life will interpret your answering the phone all panting and gasping:

Dad: “Are you ALRIGHT?? SHOULD I CALL 9-1-1????”

Tonia: “Hey! Are you…in the middle…of something? You wanna call me back later??”

Jack: (Pants back at me…..such a GUY.)

My sister: “Oh, crap! Pace yourself, kiddo! Call me back when you can string more than two words together.”

And so it goes…I only answered the phone in case it was important. Evidently, there must be nothing good on teevee on Monday nights, as everyone’s decided it’s a good night to chat.

So, I’m thinking what any red blooded gal who hates the cold would be thinking about now: "What am I going to pack…and exactly how big a suitcase can I get away with without having to check it in??"

Where is Clinton when I need him? The man who’s racked up more frequent miles than The President of the United States and Suzanne Wong (that nice host from House Hunters…she gets to go everywhere…) combined. Now Clinton could not only tell me what to pack, but how to pack it…and then he could carry my bag to the car, kiss me goodbye and send me off with a little care package of watermelon cubes with feta….you know, for the trip. That would be nice.

Instead, I’m going to have to figure this out for myself. New Yawk to Florida….what to pack, what to pack??

Makeup? Hair dryer? Coffee creamer? Phillips head screwdriver? I feel like I should be prepared for anything….but I must look fabulous whilst doing it.

And so it goes….

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