Friday, November 21, 2008


Of course, our correct accommodations were on a completely different floor from the one we’d originally been assigned. I’d left a very perplexed Tonia in the room nursing her first glass of wine whilst I attempted to rectify Daniel’s gross blunder. I’d also just opened my bottle of Cloudy and there was no way I was leaving it for that endless elevator ride from the third floor all the way to the lobby, so off I marched…glass in hand.

Within five minutes, I was back to collect a confused Tonia, our bags, our wine bottles and our half-full glasses for the shift to the other end of the resort…realizing only in hindsight that my refusal of assistance with our luggage may have been a slight error in judgment. As we’re navigating first the elevator, then the lobby…then the courtyard…all the while with me sloshing Cloudy this way and that and muttering “Oops….sorry….’scuse me….” to no-one in particular…Tonia’s demanding “What was wrong with that room? Why are we moving again? I just want to stop traveling, already…you do know you’re spilling Cloudy all over the place, don’t you?”

By the time we reached our new room, I couldn’t remember which key card was the correct one, (somehow I’d wound up with four) so after even more fumbling and sloshing I finally got my WOW moment and we were IN.

It was totally worth it. Here’s a few for you:

Everything was tastefully decorated and beautifully appointed to the point where I didn’t want to touch anything, lest I ruin the washcloth formed into a perfect flower arrangement. But nothing compared to my favorite part: (prepare to be amazed)

I suppose this means that it does not take much to dazzle me. What can I tell you? I’m easily impressed. (You’ve no idea the grief I got from Tonia while she waited for me to capture the perfect image…providing you, my faithful readers, with the appropriate details you so rightfully deserve.)

I never realized how difficult it can be to properly photograph toilet tissue.

As always, you’re welcome.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that is so sweet of you to capture that toilet paper roll. I can see how that is exciting, but to go to the effort of photographing it tells me you take your blog seriously, which I for one appreciate. That tp really puts me in the moment! Can't believe the palm trees & the granite. Looks very nice!

kathryn said...

I knew you could not truly appreciate the attention to details unless I photographically pointed them out. Gee. Is that really a word? Or am I making it up??

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