Friday, October 31, 2008

Wait. What?

I mentioned earlier that I’d be reprising my role as Mousy Matilda. I can now confidently report that she’s as disheveled as ever.

I was due to meet Tonia at 4:30. I’d suspected that 4:30 was an incentive time for me to get there, as I’m habitually late. Not deliberately, of course...I’m working on it.

At 4:00, I was knee-deep in an article on “Dermatology and Winter” when I realized that I had to go. As in immediately. I’d pre-packed Matilda’s garments in my car, but I would be schmoozing for about an hour before Tonia’s show, so I needed to wear my power suit. However I’d run out of time to change, so I grabbed the suit (hangar and all) and a pair of heels and I flew out the door.

Of course, I needed gas.

And it was hailing, windy and bitterly cold.

And it’s only October. This is not Antarctica, last I checked.

I was halfway to Tonia’s before I realized that I was not wearing a shirt. I had a hoodie and jeans on, but I’d forgotten to put on a shirt. I also had no coat.

I was cold.

When I barreled into the parking lot, Tonia was already waiting in her car. The look on her face when I jumped out of my car was unreadable, but she could see I was annoyed at the traffic, the price of gas, the weather and the subsequent early onset of winter.

I haphazardly threw my garment bag onto the back seat and slipped into the passenger seat with a relieved sigh, as I realized the heated seat was already engaged. Tonia tactfully inquired why I was dressed like a pauper and suggested I might want to change my clothing prior to us reaching our destination. Without opening my eyes, I said “Forget it. I’ll change when we get there.” She made a remark about not wanting people to associate my wardrobe choice with her seminar, so I told her I’d pretend I didn’t know her upon entering and slip directly into the ladies room.

She paused...and then proceeded to inquire as to why I was not wearing a shirt.

I zipped my hoodie all the way up and opened my eyes just long enough to give her a withered look. She astutely chose to end the conversation at that point and we were off.

We arrived right on time…and true to my word, I slipped into the ladies room and emerged presentable. An hour or so later, I’d transformed into Matilda…complete with a little scowl-face that I had no problem whatsoever creating. After a quick critique, I re-emerged in my boring head-to-toe black ensemble and subjected myself to Tonia’s tweaking with accessories amidst many “oohs” and “aahs”. As always, she was a huge hit.

Then I got to have a big ole’ drink, whilst trying vainly to keep Tonia in sight. An hour after that, we’d hit the road…back to our neck of the woods and to a fabulous restaurant for a late dinner, consisting of pumpkin ravioli with some kind of butternut-concoction drizzled over it and several more drinks.

No Cloudy Bay…but here was the highlight: Upon realizing that both of us gals were primarily in black, our waiter emerged from the back with black napkins, which he served to us with a tong-like-instrument and some serious attitude. We loved him…and our tip reflected as much.

So, Matilda’s going back in the closet…temporarily, at least. I wish I could say she’s a gigantic leap from the real me, but would anyone seriously believe that?

I’m still a work in progress….

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