Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm in a Disorganized State of Mind

Strangest thing seen recently: A young guy in the bookstore wearing a navy hoodie, a backpack and (wait for it)…a long maroon skirt…with running shoes. (Cross my heart.)

Happiest moment: Treating myself to the second to last in-stock-copy of Clinton Kelly’s hot-off-the-presses book “Freakin’ Fabulous” at Borders. Honestly, I tend to find his writing style to be suspiciously similar to mine…but how could you not be attracted to that title? The fact that I, and everyone I love, are already fabulous probably means some sort of spontaneous combustion will occur…but, whatever. (I'm convinced that I've just used bad grammar enough times in this paragraph to equal nails on a blackboard to his gramatically-sensitive ears...but again, whatever.) What I’ve skimmed so far is useful, witty, typical-Clinton stuff…and I seriously expected no less. It’s light reading that’s already elicited several bursts of spontaneous laughter…and how can that ever be bad?

Most annoying moment: I’ve got one of those irritating fruit flies buzzing around me…ya know what I’m talking about? Those things you spontaneously try to *SMACK!!* with your hands…then ditifully inspect both hands for signs of a dead insect (of which there never is)…then it goes away for a while, only to return 30 minutes later...when the whole scenario is repeated.

Biggest surprise: Biting into (what I thought) was a cracker spread with that red-port-wine-cheese-spread-stuff and discovering that it was actually some sort of pepper blend…thanks to the culinary expertise of Jack…and regardless of the tutorial I was given by Tonia warning me that I might not be able to readily tell the difference, as she wrapped it up and deposited said pepper-combo into my Bermuda-Triangle-of-a-fridge:


Jack’s sneaky pepper concoction:

Of course, you can easily see where one (“one” meaning yours truly.) might confuse the two.


On a new topic, I am considering a new personally-handwritten note in front of me. It states:

*Forms C's Derma?
- Tay jeans?
- poop Metro?
- Google map area
- Do not call

Geez. WHY do I bother writing myself notes….if I cannot ascertain what I wanted to do in the first place?

I leave you tonight with a photo of my latest obsession: Stacy’s brand Cinnamon Sugar (flavored) Pita Chips…(BAKED)….”with 0g Trans-Fat and 0mg Cholesterol”…as I can’t seem to stop eating them and I think I’m going to throw up.

Till the morrow~

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