Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bits and Pieces

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Instead of listening to the incessant barking of my next door neighbor’s three labs, who were often banished to their backyard, (which was co-incidentally directly below my bedroom window) I’m now hearing…absolutely nothing. Sheer bliss.

Instead of seeing cars careening down the hill in front of my house (going way too fast, in my humble opinion), I now see this:

Can you imagine what she’s saying? I’m hearing “What’s with the freakin’ stale bread, honey? Do I LOOK like any duck you’ve ever seen?! Where’s my leftover sesame chicken? Holding out on me may not be the way to go here…remember your precious MUMS?!?”

Be afraid. Be very afraid….

I was extremely brave today, however…and conquered the dilemma of my lighting in the new master bath:

…which was just “Eh”.

I definitely felt we could do better.

Notice how I said “we”?? Even though the “we” is actually “me”??

Hence my project for the morning:

I had a dream….seriously. Pendant lighting over the bath (pronounced “baaath”…drawing out the “a” and raising one picky delicately in the air), but the cord/wire/whatever was too long.
What to do, what to do, what to do??

(Do you really need me to answer this?)


I kept thinking (say it with me now), “How hard can it be?”

End result?

Voila! Much better.

(If you hear any bizarre news stories of some woman getting fried in her tub after performing some hack electrical job in the general facsimile of New Yawk, you’ll know it was moi who “cooked”. Hell, at least I went out looking fabulous, eh??)

In other news, I’ve been informed that the trees on my property are neither Maple nor Oak. They are locusts. As in: LOCUSTS!!! One tree in particular really caught Connor’s and my attention. It seemed like your average tree at first glance:

Till you check out the other side:

…and you realize that it’s a bit of a miracle that this tree’s even still alive. Here’s a closer look:

Can’t you almost hear the termites feasting? Just imagine….Thanksgiving…every day.

What really got us laughing was when we saw this side:

Some little woodpecker has been a very busy boy. (“How do I know it’s a boy,” you ask? Trust me…it’s a boy.) You’ve gotta give him points for being tenacious. All that work…and there’s two HUGE holes right on the other side. Ya gotta respect that single-mindedness.

I leave you with an updated view from my front porch:

Yup…it’s getting better and better.

Almost perfect, in fact.

Now, someone lend me Photoshop so I can get rid of those powerlines….

Anonymous said...

That is THE coolest tree. I think it has 2 trunks! i'm super proud of you w/the lighting but I did notice the ceiling was cropped out, what is going on there missy? Congrats, now if only you lived a little closer I could use some help!

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