Thursday, September 4, 2008

Full Circle

Okay….so, I’ve been up since 4:25 this morning. I watched the morning light slowly fill my room...while my befuddled and sleep-deprived brain was churning with both significant and insignificant crap.

I’ve concluded that moving is a bitch.

Not that I’m complaining.

Too much...

We officially move on the 12th. As in one week from now.

Am I ready?

Do you really need to ask this question?? (Takes sip of Cloudy.)

Gosh, I love my Cloudy. I have discussed this at great length with my two favorite “J’s”…how I comparison shop and do double-blind taste tests with Connor in charge of mixing up the glasses and then placing them in my outstretched hand, as my eyes are tightly closed (hence the double-blind part, of course).

I can almost hear you murmuring “of course….”

And Connor doesn’t think I’m loony at all. Really. He just thinks I have persnickety taste. (Yes, that’s a real word…you can look it up if you want to.)

My point (and I really do have one) is that nothing else truly compares. I’ll think I’ve found a pretty close match, but it’s never consistent from bottle to bottle. See? That’s what happens when you get persnickety….you notice things like consistency. But Cloudy is always the same: simply da best.

Okay, my friends….the combination of Cloudy and serious sleep deprivation means Kathryn’s one tired gal.

Oh and for anyone who’s keeping track: It’s 68 unopened messages in my “inbox”. I’d like to offer a blanket apology to anyone to whom I have not responded….ya know it’s not personal, right?? (That especially goes for you, my Canadian gal-pal. I promise I’ll catch up with you this weekend.)

Until next time…be well, be happy…..and don’t forget to KABOOM

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