Monday, August 18, 2008

Over Under Around and Through

Yes…I’m still here.

Now, how about you?? Is anyone actually not on vacation about now?

I’m betting that even if you’re physically at your desk reading this page, your eyes are half-closed, you’ve got that standard “I’m-listening-…really-I-am” expression superimposed on your face, you’re propping your head up with your hand

and…mentally?...let’s just admit it: you’re not within 200 miles of your desk….who are you kidding?

Ah, sweet summer. Ya gotta love a season where some of your happiest moments go hand-in-hand with digging sand out of the most private of body parts….

…and you’re loving every minute of it.

Of course, we could all do without the tornado warnings in Manhattan…that’s just wrong.

In summer, the city is known for stagnant air…not wind gusts up to 112 mph. (Yes, I actually looked this little tidbit up.) I’ll bet the physical harm caused by projectile umbrellas alone could run into the millions…

I'm liking the idea of this urban umbrella more and more:


Not we actually had a tornado….but we could have.


Did we panic?

Take cover??

Change our schedules…even a smidgen?


So…it rained buckets. But it’s summer…it always does that.

The thunder….the lightening….ditto, ditto.

I’m often reminded that here in the Northeast, we don’t get much in the way of extremes in the weather…unless you count the occasional Nor’Easter….and we always know they’re coming, given the whole northeastern-tracking-radar-thing. We just sit here….helplessly watching as the storm slowly gathers more of that good ole’ Atlantic Ocean moisture, as it meanders its way lazily up the coast…ultimately dumping several feet of the “s” stuff on our doorstep.

Just somethin’ to chew on the next time you even think about whining how humid it is…

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