Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Duly Noted

What do you get when you mix olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and olives together?

I do not know, as I do not cook.

However, Tonia whipped this up and left it in my fridge to what?...marinate?...exfoliate?....de-appreciate? She mentioned something today about my cooking something with it, but I cannot recall what she said. Probably because she lost me after she said the word “sauté”. (Note:I made BLTs for dinner.)

What happens if you place potted flowering vines too close to your house?

Evidently, it grows up the icky trellis and then when it runs out of room, it goes after the wind chimes, small children and possibly the neighbor’s cat.

For I am not a gardener.

What happens when Taylor (16) asks if he can show you something? As in a new move, perhaps?

(Note to self: Don’t immediately say “sure!” and sit down to watch the show. Oh, and buy a calendar to cover unsightly hole, after taping up with packing tape to keep anything from coming in…or out....we'll get to fixing it later.)

There. That’s much better. Did I mention that Taylor did this in Connor’s room?

A handyman, I am not.


Who has the coolest, warmest, most welcoming lamp in front of her house…hands down the
favorite in all the neighborhood?


And, who thought to buy big hanging baskets of flowers and unceremoniously dump them into the two HUGE barrels in the front bed, only to have them flourish there…in a virtual sea of color?

Uh, that would be moi.

I leave you this evening with yet another hysterical video taken by yours truly…a serious shout-out goes to Mother Nature for the much-needed laugh...(I just tried to hold the camera straight.) Who knew I had it in me to be such a little nature-gal??

And for the record, I realize the screen is filthy….just watch the video, already.

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