Sunday, May 4, 2008

Color Me Done.

Ah, Sunday. Ya gotta love it. Today started off with crappy weather, till Mother Nature decided to cut us some much-needed slack and sent the clouds and cold temps packing to Canada, where they belong. (Sorry, Sue.)

Now, it’s sunny (74 degrees here in the master)…the birds are singing and my next-door neighbor is cutting the grass. I honestly don’t know which of those sounds I enjoy more.

It was a typical Sunday here, spent doing all the things I didn’t quite get to on Saturday. Yeah, I know…I’m the one who said Sundays were for “whatever”… but sometimes “whatever” involves playing catch-up. That’s just the reality of it.

Catch-up for me meant several things. I’d made a mental list whilst still snuggled ‘tween the sheets:

  • Color hair. I know it’s only been 2 weeks, but this granny-look is not flattering. (“Why not darken it up a bit while you’re at it…it’s lookin’ a little fried.” As Clinton Kelly adds his two cents…picky, picky. When did you get back C-man? How's the other coast doin'?) And while I’m at it, maybe I’ll try that handy-dandy-do-it-yourself-at-home long-layering haircut technique I’d read about on the internet. I mean…how hard can it be?:

See? And you think I make this crap up………! If I didn’t have a life, I’d have drawn a cute little panicky/smiley-face on this faceless-unisex-person to more appropriately express the complete and utter fear I imagine reflected in Jackie’s face as she sees this…it does look a bit electrifying...doesn't it?

  • Fill bird feeders (I’m starting to get dirty looks from the little chickadees…not a good sign….I LOVE the rainy-day ‘do, though…my compliments to your hair stylist, little one.)

  • Figure out how the heck I’m supposed to fix Taylor’s newly purchased (and newly-broken…surprise, surprise) headphones:

“How did he break this pair?” you ask. He claims to have simply been sitting quietly in a chair, watching Connor play video games…when SUDDENLY, he felt his neck spasm in a most UN-NATURAL WAY…and WHAM!!!...broken headphones.

I looked everywhere for our superglue…do you have it? Anyway, I found some “6-Minute Epoxy” (why not 5-minute?...evidently, all the magic happens in that last 60 seconds), but it didn’t work. (OF COURSE I followed the “manufacturers recommended instructions for best results”…don’t I always?...ahem.) I think they’d meant for the consumer to have a little more to work with than a little bitty plastic-bud of a thing but it’s not like I had a choice. Taylor could not understand why I couldn’t just put some scotch tape on it and be DONE with it, already….

What is it with kids and scotch tape? I’d already wasted my breath trying to explain to Connor that tape was not going to fix the paper-towel-holder he inadvertently pulled out of the wall, so I saved my breath this time. At least with Connor, I have a chance of being heard.


Dinner’s done…and dirty dishes await. It’s 8pm already and if I’m not careful, the evening’ll be gone in a blink. As for the verdict on my hair? Does anyone really care?? Don't's FINE. It'll grow back. (I'm kidding.) I'd asked Connor to take a picture, but it doesn't do it justice. Seriously, it's FINE.

There’s leftovers...if anyone’s interested…

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess we Canadians have to accept the blame for all the crappy weather!!
I would be scared to cut my own're brave!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue!
Whilst I would NEVER blame you PERSONALLY for the "cold air mass" that just co-incidently originates in Canada, I'd respectfully request that you keep your "air masses" to yourselves in the future, or I'm plugging in my window fan to SEND IT BACK.

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