Saturday, April 5, 2008

...and so we begin. (I hope.)


My good friend-I won't mention her name here...don't want to embarrass her- (it's Jackie) suggested it might be a healthy outlet for me to "publish" some of my musings in a more...ahem...public way than within the traditional emails. When she brought it up for the third (or was it the fourth?) time, I figured she was trying to tell me something. I may walk around in a semi-permanent state of "muddledness", but I do catch on...eventually.

And yes, that's a real word. Look it up. I dare ya.

Okay...don't. I made it up.

For those of you that are sighing dramatically at this point...tapping your foot (watch out for the computer wire)...and wondering "What's the point to all of this?"...well, you can stop wondering.

For the most part, I have no point. I am a totally normal gal, with maybe just a tad more imagination than the average Joe. (Wait. What's the female version of the "average Joe?" IS there one?)

I digress.

Anyway, I'm the proverbial ping-pong ball...hurtling through life. Did you ever try to play ping-pong? That stupid little white ball that weighs...what?...minus one ounce...can anyone really control the direction of this stupid ball? I don't know...there must be an exact science to how hard you're supposed to hit this little puff of nothing, to make it sail through the air for exactly 3 feet, then bounce once, to be hit back by someone hopefully more adept at this than I could ever hope to be.

Not that I would know any of this. I don't play ping-pong. Seriously.

It's an analogy, people. Anyway, I'm the ball. How many of you are snickering at this? You people are so immature.

Where was I? Oh, hurtling through life. Yep, that's me. So, life happens...and I'll try to report to you on it. I can't promise that you'll ever particularly care, but I can promise the event will be met with at least a dollop of humor. How else can we survive this whole life-journey-thing?

So, for those of you who've read my e-stories/musings/conversations and have clamored for more, consider bookmarking this place. I'll try to keep 'em coming.

Next entry: How Clinton Kelly can exist in one's head...and wreak havoc with a simple (or not) wardrobe decision.

Anonymous said...

Who's this Jackie person? She seems pushy to me. Is she also part of your wild imagination, or does she literally give you advice? Was perhaps she an excuse for you to propel yourself into the world of blogs? Well whatever, now I think I'm beginning to like her. But I'll always like you more! You're so damned witty! To be stuck on a desert island (office) & if I had only one writer (Kathryn) I'd never be thirsty, except for more.

kathryn said... you're just making me blush. Or freaking me out. I'm not sure which.
Jackie is fabulous, dahling. To know her is to like her. As far as being pushy? Well, that only seems to apply to food. She's either making it, talking about it, or trying to teach ME how to make it.
I take that back. She IS pushy.
Oh and for the record? She's very, very real. You couldn't make Jackie up. She's a lot like me: a free spirit, with definite opinions on life and how we should enjoy it. But, I'll give her a little pinch the next time I see her...ya know, just to be sure she's really there.
Look for her name in future blogs...she'll be there!

Anonymous said...

Kathryn, you've got a gift. I hope to see your name in print for years to come.

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